Universal Refrigerant Hose Kit with Drier and Pressure Switch

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Universal hose kit with all barrier refrigerant hoses and fittings needed along with large capacity receiver/drier, mounting clamp, pressure switch kit.

Universal hose kit includes barrier hoses for use with R134a refrigerant. All Restomod Air Fittings are black coated with O-ring connections with crimp ferrules. Kits for the R134a include fittings with charge port. Includes 8 ft. of #6 (Liquid) refrigerant hose , 4 ft. of #8 (Discharge) refrigerant hose, and 5 ft. of #10 (Suction) refrigerant hose, along with #6, #8, #10 hose mounting clamps, tie wraps, O-ring set, air tight and flexible firewall grommets and fitting lube. Large Capacity Receiver/Drier supplied 6” x 2.5” with switch port for safety switch. Comes with a wide circle clamp supplied to mount your receiver/drier. Also supplied pressure switch, line fitting and wire harness. Our hi-low pressure switch kit is highly recommended in all A/C systems. Cuts out at 28 lbs. when the system runs low on refrigerant. When the system over-pressures, it cuts out at 380 lbs. to prevent compressor and hose damage.


  • 8 FT. #6 (Liquid) refrigerant hose  (condenser to drier to evaporator)
  • 8 FT. of 5/8 Heater Hose
  • 4 FT. #8 (Discharge) refrigerant hose (compressor to condenser)
  • 5 FT. #10 (Suction) refrigerant hose (compressor to evaporator)
  • #6, #8, #10 hose mounting clamps
  • tie wraps
  • (4) flexible firewall grommets
  • Mineral Oil (O’ring fitting lube)
  • Large Capacity Receiver/Drier (6” X 2.5”)
  • HI/Low Safety Pressure Switch
  • (4) Universal Condenser Mounting Brackets
  • O’Ring Bag kit
  • Electrical connectors
  • Condenser/ Drier mounting hardware
  • (2) #6 Liquid Hose Straight Fittings (black)
  • (4) #6 Liquid Hose 90 degree Fittings (black)
  • (2) 5/8 Heater Hose Crimp Straight Fittings (black)
  • (1) #8 Discharge Hose Straight Fitting (black)
  • (1) #8 Discharge Hose 90 degree Fitting (black)
  • (1) #8 Discharge Hose 90 degree w/ R134a Charge Port Fitting (black)
  • (1) #10 Suction Hose Straight Fitting (black)
  • (1) #10 Suction Hose 90 degree Fitting (black)
  • (1) #10 Suction Hose 90 degree w/ R134a Charge Port Fitting (black)



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